Bible Study Classes and Locations

Deaf Class

Silent Class is taught by Harold Carroll using “Sign The Bible” curriculum.   We meet on Preschool Hall, first room on the left.  “In this class you will be welcomed by an Online Leader that will guide you through a lesson by using sign language and video illustration.”

Adult “Bible Study” Classes

Barnabas Class is taught by rotating facilitators.  We meet in room M203.  We use the “Formations” curriculum as a Bible Study guide.  “In Acts 4:36, Barnabas is stated to mean ‘son of encouragement’.  Our class is one of encouragement.  We try to encourage each other through Bible study, prayers, and fellowship.  We would love to have you join us as we grow in our spiritual maturity.  In the words of Helen Keller, ‘alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’  Love to have you join us.” 

 Family and Friends Class is taught by David Choi and Xennie Weeks in room M201.  “Caring for our older children and older parents, we support and encourage each other in our daily walk with Christ.  With fun, food, and fellowship, we explore God’s word using the ‘Formations’ Bible study curriculum.

Beacons Class is taught by Rotating Teachers  (Contact Jennifer Vaughn) in room M205 using the “Bible Study For Life” curriculum.  “We are a group of young adults, including newly married couples, couples with young children, and singles that come together every Sunday morning for Bible Study.  We are an involved group that encourages open discussion.  New members are always welcome.”

Arthur Bonnett Class is taught by Sue Hartzog, Kathy Huffman, and Bettis Bryant in room M102 using the “Formations” curriculum. “Our class encourages spiritual growth through Bible Study, discussion, and serving others.  We love each other and love the Lord.  Come join us around the table!”

Co-Ed II Class is taught by, Lyn Burleson, Richard Phillips, Bob Utsey and Phillip Gulley in room M202 using the “Formations” curriculum.  “Our class began as a couples class, but we now have a good many ‘singles’ in the mix.  Some of us are retired, some still working, and all our children are grown.  We learn, laugh, and love each other.  Come see us – we’re a friendly group.”

Genesis Class is in room M206.  “Bible lessons are chosen by the teacher; no weekly curriculum is used.  We are mostly couples with children, young to college age, but with an open, welcoming heart to anyone that wants to be part of great Bible study, discussion, and fellowship.  If you are seeking a class like this, then please come join us.” 

Couples Class is taught by Sylvia Ott, Matt Martin, Jeanne Gue,  Xennie Weeks, and Blanche Weathers.  We meet in room M101 (Social Hall) using the “Bible Study For Life” curriculum.  “The Couples Class welcomes couples, widows, widowers, and all those who wish to engage in good Christian fellowship.  Our teachers are well versed biblically, and offer meaningful lessons. We welcome all visitors.”

Harris Marshall Class is taught by Dicky Johnson and Mike Walker (substitute) in room M103 using the “Formations” curriculum.  “We are an older couples class whose members are actively involved in church and community missions.  We are always mindful of others needs and we are quick to contribute when needs are brought to our attention.  We study the scripture in depth each week and discussion is always a part of the lesson.” 

Lamplighters Class is taught by Mary Raymond in room M104 using “Explore the Bible” curriculum.  “The most important thing we do when we attend church every Lord’s Day is to worship God and offer praise to Him.  The next important thing is to open our Bibles for Bible Study.  We study one book of the Bible at a time using “Exploring the Bible” study guide.  Together, we study God’s word so that we learn His will for our lives and seek to serve Him more effectively.  Please come join us.”

TLC Class is taught by Ann Glover in room M106 using “Formations” curriculum.  “We would like to welcome you to the ladies – of – all – ages T.L.C. Bible Study Class where we have Time for God, Love for Jesus, and Care for others.”

Tom Bell Class is taught by rotational leaders in room M105 using “Formations” curriculum. “Soli Deo Gloria” These three Latin words welcome you to the Tom Bell Class.  “To the Glory of God Alone” We celebrate the gift of God’s Torah, Our covenant instruction with the 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, a verb, “Nun”.  In Psalm 119 vs. 105: “Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.”  Our purpose is to learn God’s word together and pray, asking of ourselves, how well do we: KNOW, TEACH, LIVE, & SHARE His word? …That we not be as children, but mature, for having our powers of discernment trained by constant practice distinguishing good from evil. (from Heb. 5) That we Glorify God, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit in Faith, Hope, and Love.  Amen