Family Life Center

Mission Statement: To provide the necessary facilities, guidelines, and resources as tools for outreach and ministry in fulfilling the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ through the First Baptist Church Orangeburg.

The purpose of the First Baptist Church is “to worship God, win others to Christ, minister to the physical and spiritual needs of our fellow man, and to live lives which exemplify Jesus Christ.” The First Baptist Church Family Life Center is a vital organism of the church as a whole. This means that the ministry objectives of the Family Life Center are to edify and support those of the church, with the FLC being another arm of our church which will reach out into the community, bringing people into the Kingdom of God.

We believe recreation is a vital ministry as we know that God is concerned with the total person: spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically. Recreation is vital because it provides a vehicle for fellowship, physical health, development of self-confidence, and natural opportunity for outreach and ministry.

Objectives of the Family Life Center:

  1. Provide adequate facilities for:
    • FBC community outreach ministries, events, and programs including Upward Basketball, exercise classes, etc.
    • FBC family ministry related activities including Bible studies, church family development, men’s and women’s ministry activities, and student ministry activities.
    • FBC members and their guests for recreation, family, and fellowship events.
    • FBC Child Development Center support through partnering with the summer camp, accommodating after school program, and special programs.
  2. Demonstrate hospitality to community groups at a reasonable rental rate.

The FBCO Family Life Center is located at 2875 Columbia Road, N.E., Orangeburg, SC 29118. The phone number to reach the FLC staff is (803) 534-2960.