Sunday School Classes and Locations

General Classes

Silent Class in Davis Hall is taught by Harold Carroll using “Sign The Bible” curriculum.

Adult 1 Classes

Barnabas Class is taught by Melvin Adams, Loitton Hardison and Dotty Strickland in room M203 using the “Formations” curriculum.

Young Family and Friends Class is taught by David Choi in room M208 using the “Formations” curriculum.

Beacons Class is taught by Rotating Teachers (Xennie Weeks and Chuck CLeveland) (Contact Jennifer Vaughn) in room M107 using the “Bible Study For Life” curriculum.

Adult II Classes

Aruthur Bonnett Class is taught by Sue Hartzog, Kathy Huffman and James Perry in room M204 using the “Formations” curriculum.

Co-Ed II Class is taught by, Lyn Burleson, Richard Phillips, Bob Utsey and Phillip Gulley in room M202 using the “Formations” curriculum.

Genesis Class is taught by Jerry French in room M201.

Adult III Classes

Couples Class is taught by Sylvia Ott, Bill Powell, Jeanne Gue and Blanche Weathers in room M108 using the “Bible Study For Life” curriculum.

Harris Marshall Class is taught by Dicky Johnson and Mike Walker in room M105 using the “Formations” curriculum.

Lamplighters Class is taught by Mary Raymond in Church Parlor S101 using “Explore the Bible” curriculum.

TLC Class is taught by Ann Glover in room M102 using “Formations” curriculum.

Tom Bell Class is taught by Earl Crook and Ed Hinshaw in room M106 using “Formations” curriculum.